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The Chat Bot purpose

The Chat Bot purpose

About BOT

A bot is an application with a conversational interface. While there are many ways you can implement a bot, some common features of bots include:

  • Users interact with a bot by initiating activities in turns.
  • Activities are events, such as a user joining a conversation or sending a message.
  • Messages can be text, speech, or visual interface elements (such as cards or buttons).
  • A flow of activities can form a dialog, in which state is maintained to manage a multi-turn conversation.
  • Activities are exchanged across channels, such as web chat, email, Microsoft Teams, and others.

BOT’s Anatomy

Conversations in a bot are composed of activities, which represent events such as a user joining a conversation or a message being received.

These activities occur within the context of a turn, a two-way exchange between the user and bot. Bots make use of an Adapter that handles communication with the user’s channel.

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