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Data type in PlayFab

PlayFab Data is a set of tools for data analytics, storage, processing, and exports. Many features rely on or produce data: Title, Players, Characters, Groups, Economy, Rewards, ... but not only. Your own data can be loaded to stay connected with the ongoing operations. Let's have a look on what you can do with.
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Chatbot Architecture in a nutshell

Chatbots are software that enables machines to communicate with humans in a natural language. Chatbots have numerous uses in industries as they answer FAQs, communicate with customers, and provide better insights about customers’ needs. In this article, we explore how chatbots work, their components, and…

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Future of sports in volumetric 3D

I attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. One of the most impactful innovation I've experienced was the latest Unity Metacast demos, a groundbreaking new medium technology that will disrupt the world of sports, media, and entertainment.
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Manage Data from PlayFab in Azure

In Game Industry, like in many others, data engineers must solve complex data problems to provide business value through data. This morning, your Executives asked you to provide a dashboard to identify your Title’s trends and now, you understand that…

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Export your Data from PlayFab to Azure

Event Export is the primary mechanism for exporting data from your Insights data cluster without querying. Event Export can be reached under the data section of PlayFab Game Manager. The amount of distinct export commands you can run is tied…

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