I’m a Microsoft employee, working on Technology Strategy for a large Enterprise account. You can easily assume / understand that I will not covert non-Microsoft Technologies. I will focus on how you can leverage Azure Game Stack components for your Game.

Even if I’ve some knowledge on infrastructure and development – due to my 20 years spent in consulting, I will assume that I don’t know anything. So, for each post, I’ll provide guidance and/or links related to training. This is sometimes a great habit to do a full knowledge refresh. Specially when facing the cloud technologies.

If you are a senior Developer, please be soft. You may already know everything I am describing there.

Game Development with Azure Game Stack

For training purpose, I’ve start a crypto company YAKA Game Studio (my own Contoso), to experiment knowledge gain during training. The purpose is to create a full environment, as an Indee Game Studio that release Mobile Game based on Azure Game Stack should do

I’ve spend much time than expected to find the right or up-to-date information about how to do it.
That’s why, within this repository, you can find tips and tricks I’ve gain.

I hope that you will find what you are looking for.