Anonymous Authentication mechanisms in PlayFab

Anonymous authentication is the process of confirming a user’s right to access a resource. Unlike traditional authentication, which may require credentials such as a username and password, anonymous authentication allows users to log in to the system without exposing their actual identity. The most crucial benefit to anonymous authentication is the preservation of personal safety and security when conducting business online. This involves both personal and professional considerations, but the main point is protecting the user’s identity on the Internet, along with preventing other individuals from having the ability to track and identify users online.

Hopefully, and because we need to measure the ARPU, there is some mechanisms that allow us to provide an anonymous but persistent authentication. They require zero input from the player, so there’s no friction to the first time user experience – and the result is a unique account for each player.

  • Authenticate Player based on computer information
  • Authenticate Player based on the Device ID (Serial number of the device)
    • Login on an IOS Device: LoginWithIOSDeviceID
    • Login on an Android Device: LoginWithAndroidDeviceID

To understand mechanism and code related, follow theses examples:

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