As many players are scared about their privacy and may abandon a game that asks for an e-mail or identifiable information, authentication should use an anonymous login for creating a new account and linking new devices to an existing account. However, once the “anonymous” step is complete, you should provide the option to add recoverable login.

This is useful for many reasons :

  • As a player, you can retrieve your game progress and status when your device change. Many people play from phone and tablet, depending if they are in a couch or toilet.
  • As a company, you can track the customer in all your touch point : Website, Forum, Helpdesk, etc. This is the best way to measure your revenue and avoid your player churn or lost.
    • A free account lost forever is a disappointment…
    • A paid account lost forever affects revenue.

So let’s ding into this step customer contact and see how we can do.